Dubbo Cattle Report: 18 May 2017

Dubbo Cattle Report: 18 May 2017

Numbers remained steady this sale though quality was reduced slightly from the previous sales. There was an increased percentage of plainer unfinished cattle yarded along with the few better finished pens.

Yearlings made up the majority of the offering. The usual buyers were present and active along with competition from restockers in a firm to dearer market. Light weight steers and heifers to restockers sold from 318c to 418c/kg. Yearling steers to processors held firm, to range from 310c to 350c/kg. Those to feed were 3c to 5c/kg better.

Medium weights sold from 300c to 367c and heavy weights received from 330c to 364c/kg.

The heifer portion to processors also held firm to sell from 290c to 345c/kg. Feeders paid from 288c to 350c/kg for the unfinished lines.

Heavy steers and bullocks were in short supply and sold from 278c to 342c/kg.

Grown heifers received from 244c to 300c/kg.

Cows were 6c to 7c/kg better.

Heavy 2 & 3 score cows selling from 215c to 235c and 4 scores ranged from 234c to 249c/kg.

Source: MLA

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